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    Welcome to the website of ACV-CSC, the largest trade union in Belgium!


    ACV-CSC believes building a solid and widespread solidarity is the basic condition for a fair society. As Belgium's largest trade union, we represent and enforce good working conditions! Preferably through social dialogue and consultation, but also through actions if there is no other way.

    A trade union for everyone! 

    We are here to defend your rights and assist you wherever necessary, whether you’re a worker or an employee, working full-time or part-time, ill or seeking a job. We offer a wide range of services to working and non-working individuals throughout society. It does not matter whether you are a worker or an employee, working full-time or part-time, working as an interim, student or self-employed, ill or retired: you can contact us for support and questions about your career.

    Apply for the social elections 2024

    Be the change for a better work environment and stand for election! The social elections are your chance to put your ideas about the workplace to practice. Click on the link for more information. πŸ‘‡

    Social elections 2024

    Join ACV-CSC, the largest labour union of Belgium!

    Are you unemployed and do you need help to draw up your dossier and look for another job? Do you need information on time credit, travel expenses, leave? Or do you wish to move your career in a completely new direction but you do not know which steps are required?

    You can count on ACV-CSC to help you find an answer to all these questions and represent your interests. 

    Join ACV-CSC!

    Why join the union?

    βœ” Eligible for an annual benefit paid by the union up to 145 euros (depending on your sector).
    βœ” Free personal advice on your career and your options such as time credit, end-of-career jobs, student jobs, etc.
    βœ” Assistance in case of unemployment. We are here to help you draw up your unemployment administrative file and ensure the smooth payment of your unemployment benefits.
    βœ” Free career advice if you want your career to take a different turn.
    βœ” Advice, support and, if necessary, legal assistance in disputes with your employer.
    βœ” Help and information at work. You can always contact ACV-CSC representatives within your company. They will provide counsel and assistance!
    βœ” Free help completing your tax return.

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