FAQ on 'interim work'

    Everything you should know when working as a temporary employee or 'interim worker'.

    An answer to all your questions about temporary work!

    Looking for help or info on your temp job? You're at the right place! Check the FAQ about your contract, wage, benefits, sick or holiday leave as an interim worker.  Contact the Helpdesk Interim United or download the brochure! 👇 

    Questions?  Helpdesk Interim United is here for you!

    Simply fill out the form or email us at interim@acv-csc.be. We aim to answer your question within 5 working days.

    SOS Interim Workers. 20 questions, 20 answers 

    What exactly is temporary or interim work? Who pays your salary? Do you get paid public holidays? How does interim work impact your social security benefits? Or what happens if you get sick or when your contract comes to and end? 

    Our guide aims to provide clear and accurate information for you as an interim worker, making sure you're well informed about your employment and rights.

    As a member of ACV-CSC Interim United you: 

    ✔ Are entitled to an annual benefit paid by the union of 112 euro! 
    ✔ Receive support in case of unemployment. We prepare your unemployment documents and ensure smooth payment of your unemployment benefits.
    ✔ Get workplace assistance and information. Reach out to ACV-CSC representatives in your company or contact the Interim United Helpdesk at interim@acv-csc.be for any questions or support.
    ✔ Enjoy all additional advantages of being a member of ACV-CSC, Belgium's largest union.