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    Webinar Interim United

    As an interim worker you're not always correctly informed. Interim United is here to help you!

    Watch the webinar on 'interim work'

    Looking for help or info on your temp job? You're at the right place!  Watch the webinar for all answers on to your questions on your contract, wage, benefits, sick or holiday leave as an interim worker. 👇

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    Questions?  Helpdesk Interim United is here for you!

    Fill in the form (Dutch or French) or mail us at Usually you'll receive an answer within 5 working days.  

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    SOS Interim Workers. 20 questions, 20 answers 

    What do we mean by temporary or interim work? Who pays your wage? Are you entitled to paid public holidays? What sort of consequences does your interim work have for social security? And what happens if you get sick, or when your contract ends?

    With this guide we aim to make sure you're correctly informed when working as an 'interim worker'.

    Why join Interim United? 

    ✔ Eligible for an annual benefit paid by the union of 112 euro! 
    ✔ Assistance in case of unemployment. We are here to help you draw up your unemployment administrative file and ensure the smooth payment of your unemployment benefits.
    ✔ Help and information at work. You can always contact ACV-CSC representatives within your company or the Interim United Helpdesk at
    ✔ And all the other benefits you enjoy as a member of ACV-CSC, the largest union of Belgium

    Join ACV-CSC Interim United now!

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